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Pure Charm Has Moved!

Click here to go to our silver jewellery and charm site.

Pure Charm has been online for 8 years and for all that time has offered beautiful, detailed and stylish silver charms to thousands of customers all over the UK  and, indeed, the world.

However, we have decided that to improve service for our customers, we should merge all of our online sites into one main, larger e-commerce jewellery store.  And that we have done!

The result is Milton Gems.

Small Milton Gems logo going to silver charmsMilton Gems has been online since 2003 providing a lovely range of silver jewellery.  It had a small range of charms but, to be honest, we decided that we wanted to collect them together in Pure Charm.  This is now changing and the clip-on charm category has grown.  Rapidly!

One of the main reasons why we have done this is to add choice.  We’ve had a lot of people say that they wanted to have a charm but also would like a pair of earrings or a necklace.  In the past we had to say that yes, we can help.  But you need to go to another website and while we’re more than happy to put orders from different shops together, it would cause hassle and inconvenience to our customers which is something that we so do not want.

Now, however, with all the silver jewellery in a single place, you can buy whatever you want in one go.

What will you find in Milton Gems?

Currently, we have silver jewellery for women (which includes sections for marcasite / vintage / retro jewellery and Celtic jewellery) as well as a small but growing collection of men’s jewellery.  There’s also a very nice children’s jewellery range with a separate section for Christening jewellery.

At the moment, we also have amber jewellery still available in The Amber Zone – a separate website that isn’t (at the moment!) going to be merged.

What does this mean for existing customers?

If you already have an account with us then I’m afraid you’ll need to create a new one on our other site.  We’re more than happy to create it for you – just send us an email from the email address you used to place your previous order and we’ll do the rest sending you a username and password.

At no time have we ever collected credit / debit card numbers.  We use SagePay which is an industry leading transaction processor for a completely secure process thus your card details were never passed to us.

Thank you all for your support

But the great service, keen prices and everything of importance hasn’t changed – just come on over, have a look and send us a message.  We might be able to give a thank you discount for previous customers who want to buy some top quality jewellery!